Vichnet in PT exhibition-Attracted media attention

Vichnet in 2017 PT exhibition

【topic 1】

Different wearings with different marale.

Day.1  Vichnet uniforms

Day.2  Customized sh irt

Day.3  Five-Star Red Flag Chinese dress 

【Topic 2】

Signature wall

“68”is made of Vichnet main product-wire mesh cable tray,

The customers present left their signatures on the wall,

On the occasion of the 68th National Day,

Let's applaud the great country in this way.!

“Building a powerful Network Power”

We love China~Love Vichnet~

The veteran wrote his blessing on our signature wall.

Film star's signature?

Anglebaby knows?

【Topic 3】

Interactive question-and-answer with beautiful gifts.

During the three days of the exhibition,

Vichnet attracted three media outlets to our booth.

The media evaluates us as a "craftsman's product, a dynamic team".

You'd rather have a look at the scene yourself next time.

To learn more about products, about Vichnet, about our entire communications industry in China.