VICHNET 2019 New Year Party

VICHNET had a wonderful new year party on 19th Jan, 2019. It is not so much a new year party as a family parth. Different with many other company’s new year party, VICHNET, the cable tray leading in China, always celebrate the new year with every staff and their families.

The hall was decorated very warm by VICHNET person.


At the beginning of the party, our CEO James Yu made a speech to appreciate the supports of each Employees in the past year.

Excellent staff were awarded with different things like money, watch, bracelet etc.


After the award ceremony, we had very wonderful programs all prepared by VICHNESE and enjoyed delicious food.


VICHNET is a warm and creative team, welcome to VICHNET, welcome to purchase wire mesh cable tray, fiber cable tray, cabling products in VICHNET.