Ceremony for the 13th Anniversary of Vichnet

Found in 2006, Vichnet had its 13th birthday on 17th April 2019. It’s been a long journey for Vichnet to develop into a leading manufacturer in the field of cable tray system.

All Vichnet family members celebrated this big day together by a way of the unique photography show. Plenty of photos record every memorable moment we have had in Vichnet as well as witness our growth along with Vichnet. In this warm family, everyone not only had their many first-time experiences on the stage showing themselves but also continually break through their limits. Its happy and honor to be a Vichnese.

Recalling the past, we never stop practicing Vichnet core values. Looking into the future, we will keep moving forward to finish Vichnese’s mission. Not only professional in wire mesh cable tray, fiber runner, cable ladder etc but also developing more cable management products to serve our customers much better.

Vichnet team - Your reliable cable management solution provider.