CDCC Revision seminar on 《White Paper on Data Center Cold Source system Technology》

     March.15th, 2017 Revision seminar on《White Paper on Data Center Cold Source system Technology》 held successgully in Shanghai Silver Star Crown Holiday Hotel.

     The editor mentioned:Internet+, Big data, Internet of things driving the development of data centres. Large scale and Parks are the trend of the construction of data Center Infrastructure. In recent years, a cloud computing base with an area of millions of square meters has been planned and built, and data center industrial parks have emerged in endlessly. These giant data center parks and industrial parks adopt the same centralized cold source cooling mode as large civil construction schemes. However, due to the high density of heat load per unit area of the data center, the range of uninterrupted refrigeration, temperature and humidity is also different from the requirements of the civil environment. The backwater temperature tends to be different gradually. There are obvious differences between the design of data center cold source and civil building cold source. And because the energy consumption per unit area of the data center is much higher than that of the civil buildings, the energy efficiency of the data center cold source system is also higher.

      Through this white paper, we hope that we can have a certain understanding of the composition, working principle and particularity of the cold source application of the data center. We also hope to be able to design the data center. Construction and management and other related personnel to provide useful help.