Study, a luxury or a necessity for office workers?

Luxury ,or Necessity

September begins with the start of the school season.

Office workers are starting to complain: The rush hour is getting worse.

The rush hour also happens in the heart.

The difficulties encountered after work have long gone beyond the field of knowledge as a student.

There is no doubt that learning is a necessity.

But it is too luxurious to think of the already full schedule and compressing time to learn.


I don't have the trouble at all.


We had found a lazy-man learning artifact.

With this artifact, you can:

Read 50 books a year

Listening 12 courses

Do you wanna know what is it?

The above is the main lecturer(also the owner)of Fan Deng Reading Club

Yes, the app name is "FanDeng Reading Club"

In addition to 50 books, there is a monthly video course on topics taught by industry leaders.

Books include family, mind, work, and courses are more about the improvement of work ability. Vichnese are very happy to learn.

I would like to share with you how the students of Vichnet Business School learned in a book and a lesson.

Learning+PK, isn't it interesting?

There is award for learning, why not?

The above book is signed by Vichnet President Jessie Wen to the top 3 readers.

The owner of Fan Deng Club meet in Ningbo

Thanks Fan Deng Reading Club!

With you,

Learning after work is no longer a luxury.