4 Tips to Avoid Hazard From Mechanical Equipment!

Release time: 2022-07-27

For a long time, the accidents caused by mechanical equipment have been very serious, and this kind of situation accounts for a very high proportion of the total accidents. As we all know, each piece of machinery has its own unique mechanical and non-mechanical hazards. Machines can cause severe injuries, amputations, fractures, lacerations or crushing injuries. And it also can cause minor injuries such as bruises, abrasions, sprains, strains, burns or cuts. But whatever aftermath the injuries takes, no potential dangers could be ignored, just as our safety expert said, “ If you can't keep safe, there are 10,000 reasons why you can't do it and just easily put yourself in danger. If you can do it and always optimize your surroundings more safer, there is probably only one reason, which is, you want to do it and you do take care.”

Vichnet really care about people's safety and we are always trying to figure out effective ways to protect people's life, which is why we provide different solutions for various possible hazardous situations. Besides that, there are even more vital protecting ways you may just ignore unconsciously in daily working, and we are here for kindly reminding.

1.As for operators:
· Sufficient professional training is necessarily required before you start.
· Wearing a safety helmet, protective glasses and dust masks if necessary,clothes and cuffs should be fastened, bare feet or slipper-wearing are strictly prohibited, long hair must be managed under your helmet.
· When operating the drilling machine, do not wear gloves or change clothes near that.

2. As for operation process:
· Before operation, simply carrying out a safety inspection to confirm that there is no one in the dangerous area, and it is also strictly forbidden to operate problematic machines.
· When in operation process, always confirming that there is no people walking around within the operation field.
· After operation, making sure that the machine has stopped working, and clean up the remaining materials on site.

3.As for operation place:
· If the machines are running at night, ensure that the construction site has sufficient lighting for safe work.
· When multiple machines are working together at the same time, a safe distance should be maintained.
· Set up safety warning signs on site or dangerous areas, and check the situation of machine guarding equipment.

4.Requirements to consider when using machine guarding equipment:
· The machine guarding should be simple in structure and reasonable for placement, and should not have sharp edges or any piece of convex.
· The machine guarding system should take reliability, corresponding rigidity, hardness, stability, corrosion resistance, flexibility and other characteristics into account.
· The machine guarding shall be interlocked with the other running equipment. When the machine guarding equipment do not work, the attached machine can not be operated as well. And the distance between every machine guarding equipment shall comply with the relevant distance regulations.
· Photoelectric and inductive safety device shall be equipped with a fault self-alarm system.
· The emergency stop should ensure that all operations of the machine can be stopped when taking quick action.
· The machine guarding should meet the requirements of a safe distance and make all parts of the human body (especially hands and feet) inaccessible to the hazardous area.
· The machine guarding should not interfere the daily operation, and must not come into contact with any movable parts of operation machine, keeping people watch all clearly.
· The machine guarding should be convenient for people to inspect and repair.

machine guarding system

We don’t believe in the “this will not happen, people would not be so careless” hypothesis, human error can always occur. We don’t think that wearing safety helmet or keep safety distance are sufficient. People are so casually sometimes and are used to “safe environment”,they will eventually ignore them unconsciously. Safety should not only rely on people’s behavior. Technical safety is the key. Remember those basic tips and choose appropriate machine guarding system.

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