Protect security from the source

Release time: 2022-08-08

People’s Daily pointed out that safety is competitiveness and efficiency, and the importance of safe production can be seen. In recent years, China attaches more and more importance to the standardization of safety protection equipment, and has drafted and formulated 31 national standards for equipment protection standards and 91 personal protective equipment standards, and is committed to improving the entry threshold of security equipment.

Industrial security fence test

In addition, the state encourages product technology innovation and vigorously supports enterprises to develop core technologies to achieve intelligent transformation. It is in this context that Vichnet's security fence is constantly improving.

Industrial security fence are usually used as the most basic physical isolation to protect the hazardous areas of the equipment, one can prevent unrelated personnel from entering the work area, and the other can prevent the robot from accidental injuries caused by accidental failures such as arm shedding. On this basis, an intelligent security interlocking system is built through safety components such as safety switches, button boxes, light grid light curtains, alarm lights, and passive door locks to achieve authority management, ensure the safety of operations, and facilitate equipment maintenance and safety.
Industrial security fence
Vichnet Technology is unswervingly following the national route, implementing and doing a good job in every step of security protection.

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