2021 Global Logistics Equipment Entrepreneurs Annual Conference: Solutions to Ensure Safety in Intelligent Logistics

Release time: 2021-12-29

On December 8, 2021, the "2021 Ninth Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Development Conference and 2021 Global Logistics Equipment Entrepreneurs Annual Conference" hosted by "Logistics Technology and Application" Magazine was held in Suzhou. With the theme of "Gathering the Same Way, Leading the Future with Wisdom", this conference attracted leaders from relevant departments and industry associations, as well as industry elites such as logistics integrators, logistics equipment companies, and typical users of logistics equipment. Vichnet was invited to attend and granted as " Intelligent Logistics Industry Elite" and “Quality Server” at this conference.

At this conference, Ying Luyao, our business manager of Vichguard, delivered a speech on how to ensure industrial safety in the era of intelligent logistics. Highlights of the conference lay in the importance of logistics safety, warehousing safety, and the application of our intelligent safety fence system. Just as she said, safety could start with simple unconscious things, Vichnet makes the simple like a fence be smart, which allows people to stay safe in autonomous environments and companies to stay relevant in an ever-changing world. Old, legacy systems won’t open new doors when facing the ideas and possibilities of Industry 4.0. Instead, you’ll need new, innovative solutions, such as Vichguard to increase productivity, profitability, and the performance you strive for!

Positioned as an "intelligent safety protection expert", Vichnet has made great achievements in product innovation. We not only provide a variety of intelligent and efficient solutions for our customers but also constantly upgrades them to a higher level. The application of the Internet of Things and 5G technology run all safety devices more intelligent and efficient.

At Vichnet, we’re actively trying to update our products. It’s an ongoing process, all the way from improving our manufacturing methods to finding better ways to design our products. To us, innovation is about getting slightly better with each passing day. It’s always worthful to have a safe investment, safety can't be overemphasized.

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