New Product Release: Vichbox for Our Safety Fence System!

Release time: 2022-09-30

What is Vichbox?
We can now offer a functional and portable control center system, which is Vichbox, Vichbox is equipped with a pre-programmed interlocking program, it could be perfectly matched with Vichguard system to take the total control of safety fence management.

Vichbox-safety fence protection

How can Vichbox for safety fence be used?
It is meant to be installed in the safety door, there are multiple-colors indicators, three-hole type power socket and rocker switch on the side, while the bottom side is equipped with 6 circular connectors, which are for buttons, sensors, safety signals, motors and alarm light, all of those could combine together to realize the authority management module, as well as interlock control of safety door accessories such as safety door locks, alarm lights. And interacting with mechanical equipment for emergency braking is also supported.

Vichbox for the safety fence system

What are the advantages of Vichbox?
*Stylish appearance
*Easy to assemble
*Meets the requirements for multiple application scenarios
*Other functions available option

What should I do if something goes wrong with Vichbox?
We always try our best to help you deal with any technical problems, and if anything goes wrong with Vichbox, you could get a new one within one year since you purchased that.

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