The Q4th Kick-off Meeting was Initiated!

Release time: 2022-10-13

Recently, Vichnet held the Q4th kick-off meeting. The kick-off meeting is an enthusiasm generator for the staff and displays a full summary of our work so far. It was processed by the employees’ self-introduction, organizational structure adjustment, new products release, and birthday party.

Employees’ self-introduction: this year, there are a lot of new Vichnet members into Vichnet, through this meeting, closer connections were built, which helps understand each other more, making the cooperation go more smoothly.

Organizational structure adjustment show

*Organizational structure adjustment: Vichnet has adjusted its organizational structure and re-formulated its strategic plan. For the new organizational structure, we have targeted industry segment safety solutions more clearer.

Vichnet Vichbox

New products release:
*Vichbox: Vichbox was developed by Vichnet and it is equipped with a pre-programmed safety interlock system that can realize interlock control of safety door accessories such as locks, alarm lights, etc., and it also can interact with different equipment to receive warning signals and make quick actions. It’s safe, stable, adjustable, and even more cost-effective.

Intelligent IoT lock system

*Intelligent IoT lock system: It adopts RFID swiping card for authorized entry and smart LOTO function for reducing the risk of being trapped in restricted areas. With the embedded CAT1 wireless communication, all event logs can be exported, and the system could be upgraded remotely. It is also used with intelligent IoT locks to realize face recognition for authorized entry and to complete smart LOTO procedures, face recognition works well even with personal protective equipment covering part of the face. Local or cloud new staff face ID registrations for authority management are all supported.

Vichnet AI box

*AI box: Based on computer vision technology, the AI box could detect personal protective equipment wearing situations, such as the wearing of safety helmets and gloves, and when the AI box is combined with face recognition functions, people with safety helmets or masks also could be supported.

Self-buckling cable tray

*Self-buckling cable tray: The new cable tray could be self-buckled, which reduces the use of connectors, more convenient and cost-effective.

Vichnet's chairman

Birthday party: We are glad for cheering the birthday party of our chairman, Jessie, she expressed her thanks and showed her determination to stand together with her family for common development. She said, when facing opportunities and challenges, we will strive for great progress together. Vichnet members will work together to become the leader of Intelligent safety solutions and achieve our dreams.

Vichnet family photo

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