Vichnet—New Base, New Start, New Journey!

Release time: 2022-10-21

At 10:00 a.m. on September 24, 2022, the ground-breaking ceremony for the new base project was officially kicked off! According to our strategic planning, all staff will move to the new base in Zhenhai in 2024.

This base project is the largest single investment in the history of Vichnet which covers 102,000m² of land, a 3,5000m² manufacturing base, a 1,2000m² head office, and 8000m² staff apartments. As for Vichnet, it is a necessary step toward strengthening the company’s position as a global competitor.

For now, Vichnet has grown organically and is currently at two sites in Beilun District and Hi-Tech Zone. (Both of them are in Ningbo). Plants to produce cable trays and safety fences are in Beilun, while product research and business development are all in Hi-Tech Zone. At this time, the new base will bring these two sites together under one roof. We realized that the geographical circumstances at the two old locations offered no opportunities for expansion. Concentrating the entire production chain – from production to development – in one place guarantees optimizing the production process more efficiently and conveniently.

At the ceremony, our chairman Jessie Wen expressed her gratitude to the Vichnet team in a speech, she said, without the veteran Vichnet team, we could not be here, and without the new Vichnet member, we could not step further. We are here since we created company values with wisdom and hard work, and we will also achieve the dreaming future with further reform and innovation. General manager Yu Bo not only introduced the basic situation of the project but also made a statement on the related construction of the new base. He said that since we started the preparation of stock market listings, and purchased 102,000m² of land for the establishment of the new base in 2021, we had already known that today won't be too long to wait, so this is the day that we met up together to clearly understand that where we are now and where we are going for the future.

The groundbreaking speech gives everyone an overview of the construction project and excites all staff for the project ahead. It's an important motivator because a big construction project is like a marathon race, which takes a lot of time from planning to execution and then finally gets completed. Today’s ground-breaking ceremony is an important milestone, marking the start of the excavation, and pioneering the new development.

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