The application of Robot Safety Fence in Vichnet

Release time: 2022-10-24

With the widespread application of intelligent manufacturing equipment represented by industrial robots, the safety risks of personnel operations in the human-machine collaborative environment continue to rise. The demand for smart robot safety fences is also increasing in recent years.

Robot Safety fence is known as manipulator fence. It is a protection facility to protect the personal and property safety of factory machinery and equipment and production workshop staff during the production process. Its function is to limit the working range of mechanical equipment and production personnel, protect their personal and property safety or equipment safety, and can also be used for storage area isolation.

Robot Safety Fence solutions

As the drafter of the national standard "Safety Requirements for Mechanical Safety Fence Protection Systems", Vichnet has rich and professional experience. Our experience includes different combinations of safety defence.

There are some specific and unique advantages of Vichnet.
1.Our robot safety fences have zero tolerance for quality flaws, and are all of solid materials with strong impact resistance.
2.For example, the middle square tube of our fence mesh plate is welded with pressure ribs, and the strength of the welding point is high.
3.Our robot fence is the personalized solution for the protection requirements of different condition.
4.Uniform powder coating has been tested by SGS. Powder coating is in accordance with RoHs Directive.
5.There are 6 kinds of colors to be chosen of the mesh panels, for instance, yellow and red mesh panels show that the danger around the machine.

Here shows two specific projects of robot safety fence from Vichnet. The first project is applied to the area isolation of Lingxi intelligent workshop.

Hangzhou Lingxi Robot Safety Fence project

Hangzhou Lingxi Robot Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a smart device integrator, and the purpose of using the robot fence is to separate people and machines. The robot security fence solution is used to protect the safety of robotic equipment and employees, and to rationalize the division of the workshop area for easy management.

Shanxi KeJie Safety Fence projet

The second project is applied to the area isolation of Kejie intelligent workshop. Kejie Robot Co., Ltd. is a long-term commitment to industrial robots, automated logistics equipment and intelligent equipment as the core industry. From the preliminary design to the project acceptance, Vichnet participated in the design of the entire scheme, not only perfecting the physical protection, but also improving and adjusting the electrical system to truly escort the safety protection of the equipment. With the stable robot safety fences, the industry will have a long history in development.

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