How to better manage cables?

Release time: 2022-10-31

In recent years, all parts of my country have made every effort to develop modern high-tech industries. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of data, cable trays have been established as indispensable laying equipment. But why should wire mesh cable trays be used the most among the many cable trays? Vichnet cable tray management will take you to learn more about the wire mesh cable tray.

Wire mesh cable tray is a new type of cable tray developed in recent years. Because its structure is similar to grid and mesh, it is named wire mesh cable tray. Wire mesh cable tray management is mainly used in computer room construction. Wire mesh cable tray management protection plays a vital role and is a necessary laying equipment in modern integrated wiring projects.

Cable management

This type of cable tray has emerged in recent years. The reason why wire mesh cable tray is so popular is that wire mesh cable tray has product advantage.
1.The weight of wire mesh cable trays are 1/5 of traditional cable trays, making them easier to install.
2.The open design allows continuous airflow, which prevents overheating and the build-up of dust and contaminants.
3.All kinds of elbows can be made at the project site flexibly.
4.Multiple finishes are available for indoor and outdoor applications.
5.Cable visibility allows for more convenient upgrading and maintenance.

Wire mesh cable tray

Our product is certificated by UL,CUL, CE,etc. We warranty 10 years. Our product is also sold to Google, Microsoft, China Mobile.
The wire mesh cable tray management can choose one or more installation methods according to different wiring environments, so as to achieve the effect of rational use of space and beautiful wiring effect. Simply popularize, the most commonly used installation methods used.
1.Hoisting, as the name suggests, is an installation method in which the grid bridge is suspended in the air. This installation method is the most common one, which can fully save space and is the first choice for wiring in the equipment room.


2.Wall mount, a way to mount the grid tray to the wall. Generally installed on the side wall or along the wall, it is often used in scenarios such as workshops with certain architectural restrictions.

Wall moun

3.Ground installation, the installation method that the equipment is fixed on the surface. Mainly used for plane installation on some cabinets and equipment.

Ground installation

4.Install on the top of the cabinet, and install the grid tray on the cabinet. The cabinets are neatly arranged, and there are many applications in scenarios with simple wiring. It is also a common installation method in the wiring of the computer room. The overall offline is simpler and more convenient.

Install on the top of the cabinet

5.Installation under the electrostatic floor, the installation method of cable routing under the electrostatic floor in the equipment room.

Installation under the electrostatic floor

Needs and custom mesh trays, welcome to Vichnet, our company provides you with high quality trays. We have an advanced cable tray production line, which is truly customized on demand. From the procurement of raw materials to the finished product, the quality of each link is monitored throughout the process to ensure the quality of the product. The product inventory is sufficient for you to choose from various directions, which can meet the needs of different customers according to the actual situation. I believe that using our cable tray can make the best wire mesh cable tray management solution.

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