Customer Case—Ningbo Vichnet X Jiangsu G-Forge Forming Technology

Release time: 2022-11-03

Detail Determines Quality, Service Makes Perfect
Jiangsu G-Forge Forming Technology Limited is a company specializing in R&D, production, and sales of forgings, mechanical parts, and other products. For the special characteristics of their products, protecting the equipment and staff from damage and hurts is necessary.

In the beginning, the work was smoothly started, but the situation of the project was quite complicated. We can’t use expansion bolts to make the safety fence fixed on the ground by using the traditional method, so it’s necessary to figure out a professional design solution to solve that problem.

After careful on-site investigation and accurate force analysis, our professional technicians provided a variety of design plans to deal with the tricky problem.

We finally decided to adopt a special method for fixing, that is, the column could be fixed with a special anti-slip screw fixing plate and a fixed bottom plate directly placed on the ground.

In this project, we provided customers with the stainless-steel safety fence. The fence is equipped with a 60X60 column, which was installed especially, and the fixing effect was very ideal.

It is worth mentioning that customers are very satisfied with our fences, especially the details. Staff from Jiangsu G-Forge Forming Technology said: “the flat welded frame has no burrs and looks very delicate! The square tube was welded by pressure, which has high strength and strong impact resistance!”

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