The Key Helper in Data Room -Cable Tray Fiber

Release time: 2022-11-10

In the era of rapid development of information technology, our demand for optical fibers for information transmission is also increasing day by day. For indoor optical fiber routing, we need optical fiber channels that can well protect the optical fibers. Cable tray fiber is a raceway system designed to protect and route fiber optic patch cords, multi-fiber cable assemblies and facility fiber cable to and from fiber splice enclosures, fiber distribution frames and fiber optic terminal devices.

Cable tray fiber are widely used in data centers around the world for the optic fiber cables. It’s a nice way to lay out the optical fiber. It comes out the cable tray fiber which combines aesthetics and functionality.
The cable tray fiber in VICHNET has great fiber protection and its frame-retardant materials rated V0, which can protect the fiber under the fire.

Cable Tray Fiber

Let's take a look at some specific cases from Vichnet:
1.This first project of cable tray fiber is in data center of Nan Ning station data room.Those fiber optic channels are hoisted under the ceiling by screw rods with many fiber outlet, which is beautiful and firm. At the same time, it is also equipped with an aluminum alloy cable tray to run some thicker cables.Our company has designed the hanging set to mount the optical fiber channel on the aluminum alloy cable tray, which not only saves space, but also facilitates cable routing. It makes the whole layout looks beautiful and elegant.

Cable Tray Fiber application in Chinese Sedin NingBo Engineer company

2.The second project of cable tray fiber is in data center of Chinese Sedin NingBo Engineer company. Since these cable tray fiber are installed in the cabinet of the equipment room, the installation method is adopted on the top of the cabinet, all those look neat and beautiful. The installation on the top of the cabinet makes full use of the space at the top of the cabinet, and can save the distance of fiber drop.

Cable Tray Fiber application in Nanning Railway station data room 1

In line with the development of science and technology, Vichnet continues to produce higher quality of cable tray fiber with good fire performance and corresponding accessories. We are confident to become bigger and stronger by constantly improving according to the needs of the data room and engineering projects from your sides.Our mission is leading the industry and realizing our dreams, our vision is we want to become the leader of safety solution’s provider, Our core values are : customers first, teamwork, professional, and innovation.

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