Explore Innovative Vichbox, Meet at Gaogong Robot Fair

Release time: 2022-08-10

Gaogong Robot Fair

The 22nd Gaogong Robot Fair united thousands of robotic industry professionals in-person at the beginning of August for a conference and trade show that was a resounding success. The industry's annual event took place in August 3-4, drawing more than thousands of attendees for two days of brisk business, valuable networking and bustling energy.

"Gaogong Robot Fair has proven yet again how important it is for the intelligent manufacturing industry to connect under one roof—this event is where emerging technologies are discovered, intelligent manufacturing trends are communicated and industry news is unveiled, "said the show director. "The theme of our conference is divergence, possibilities and coexistence".
Gaogong Robot Fair

Positivity on the show floor

Gaogong Robot Fair was flooded with attendees as soon as doors opened, with many business conversations beginning just seconds after entering. Exhibitors, specifiers and designers reported quality business happening shortly into day one on the show floor, which continued through day two.

"The show is an important annual platform for industry collaboration, it is a time for us in the industry to be able to get together and to collaborate, whether that's letting them get a chance to talk with us, to see our new products, to touch and feel and become top of mind again, or whether it's working with a designer who has a specific project that they might be looking for advice on," our business developer said.

Products we showed on the fair

As an exhibitor of this conference, we demonstrated the intelligent safety protection fence system. Our intelligent safety fence system is widely used in intelligent manufacturing field. On the basis of physical partitioning, intelligent control devices are also equipped to make human-machine cooperation more safer, which dedicates a lot to the rapid development of various industries.

Besides, on the safety fence, our cable tray is also matched to realize the reasonable routing of cables for safety fence components such as safety switches, weld curtains, and alarm lights.

"Along with finding new products and learning from industry professionals, Gaogong Robot Fair serves as a central meeting point where we could chase the opportunity to unveil our new product , and that is Vichbox." Our electrical engineer said.

Vichbox is equipped with pre-programmed safety interlock system, which can realize interlock control of safety door accessories such as locks, alarm lights, etc., and it also can interact with different equipment to receive warning signals and make quick actions. It’s safe, stable, adjustable, and even cost-effective.

In addition, the visual identification system equipped on the safety fence was developed by Vichnet, which can recognize the wearing situation of protective equipment such as helmets and masks and the accuracy could reach to 95% and even more. Considering on the visual identification of dangerous sources and behaviors, we also can define various visual identification algorithm and provide lots of visual identification solutions, just according to the actual needs of customers.

"The fair is an important place to come to reconnect with specialists, meet new people, see products and notice what's happening in the market," said of attendees. "Vichnet designers are really good at design, and the fair just gives them access to show how wonderful their products are!"

"We enjoyed meeting so many members and getting to know the greater community," our sales engineers said. "We were thrilled with the level of traffic on the show floor, and the feedback we received about our products was extremely positive. "

Vichnet is already very excited about the plans in the works for next year. When it comes to safety, Vichnet offers the complete package. Do not miss any event-related news:  Engage with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

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