The 9th Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Development Conference

Release time: 2021-12-08

From December 8th to 9th, the 9th Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Development Conference and 2021 Global Logistics Equipment Entrepreneurs Annual Conference hosted by "Logistics Technology and Application" magazine will be held in Suzhou Shihu Jinling Garden Hotel. The theme of the conference It is "Gathering the same path and leading the future with wisdom".

Conference Highlight 1: A gathering of talents to share new ideas for enterprises

A number of leaders of relevant departments and industry associations, logistics integrators, logistics equipment companies, typical users of logistics equipment and other industry elites attended the meeting. The leaders will gather together to share their work experience and new ideas for enterprise development.

Highlight 2 of the conference: Foresight of the trend and setting up the industry vane

In response to the major issue of how the logistics equipment market will achieve sustainable, healthy and rapid development, the vice president of China Warehousing and Distribution Association, many editors-in-chief of "Logistics Technology and Application" magazine and well-known logistics experts expressed their views.

Conference Highlight 3: Topic Sharing, Discussion of Challenges and Strategies
A total of four interactive forums were set up at the conference, the topics were "Where are we going - trend and direction", "Technology upgrade from the perspective of Party A - market demand and satisfaction", "Opportunities, challenges and strategies", "Innovation-driven industrial development" ”, the guests present face the pain points of the industry and offer suggestions for the healthy development of the industry.
In this meeting, Ying Luyao, general manager of Weiwang Business Department, delivered a speech on behalf of Weicheng Technology - how to ensure safety in the era of intelligent logistics. Ying Luyao gave a speech on the importance of logistics and warehousing safety, the application of Weiwang intelligent safety protection system in logistics and warehousing, and intelligent safety protection in the era of intelligent logistics. The on-site feedback was very ideal. In the context of China's accelerated digital transformation and the overall advancement of the advanced industrial base and the modernization of the industrial chain and supply chain, logistics has become more and more important, and ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel is a key link.

As an "intelligent security protection expert", Weicheng Technology has made great achievements in security protection. It not only provides a variety of intelligent and efficient solutions for our customers, but also upgrades the solutions many times to improve the security protection level.

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