Learn about metal trunking

Release time: 2022-11-16

Many people don't know if the cable tray is the same as the metal trunking for electrical wiring?Actually, they are different.

What is a metal trunking

Metal wire ducts, also known as wire ducts and wiring ducts, are used to organize power lines, data lines and other wire specifications, and fix electrical tools on the wall or ceiling. According to the material, the metal trunking is mainly divided into: galvanized trunking, aluminum alloy trunking, stainless steel trunking.

The specifications of the metal trunking generally used by Vichnet are 50mm×100mm, 100mm×100mm, 100mm×200mm, 100mm×300mm, 200mm×400mm, etc.

Cable trays are mainly used for cables,metal trunking for electrical wiring.The materials of the two are also different. The bridge frame is generally made of cold-rolled steel plate, while the wire trough is made of hot-rolled steel plate.

Cold-rolled sheet: It is processed by hot-rolled sheet. In rough terms, cold-rolled sheet is an upgraded version of hot-rolled sheet. Compared with the two, the thickness and hardness of cold-rolled sheet are stronger than that of hot-rolled sheet, and it is not easy to deform. The appearance will be smoother and more beautiful.

Hot-rolled sheet: Compared with cold-rolled sheet, the thickness, hardness, etc. are not far inferior to cold-rolled sheet, and it is also easy to deform and other defects. Processing evolution.

Metal trunking  for electrical wiring

There is only one type of metal trunking, which is a grooved trunking, a sealed type, and is made of hot-rolled sheet.

Data center metal trunking  for electrical wiring

metal trunking for electrical wiring Installation specifications

1. The metal trunking can be laid open in the dry room under normal environment and in places that cannot be damaged by the machine, but it is not suitable to use the metal trunking to lay cables in the environment with severe corrosion.

2. metal trunking for electrical wiring.When installing the metal trunking vertically or obliquely, measures should be taken to prevent the movement of cables or wires in the trunking.

3. The lines guided by the metal trunking can be routed by metal hoses, metal pipes, hard plastic pipes, soft plastic pipes or cables. Do not damage the wires or cables being led out.

4. The inside of the metal wire trough should be flat and smooth, without burrs, and the outside should be flat, and there should be no bending and twisting deformation.

5. During construction, it is necessary to select the correct cross-section of the jumper grounding wire, and do a good job of jumper connection, so that a reliable, intact and effective electrical connection is formed between the metal wire grooves of each section. For the reliable connection of the grounding trunk, it is necessary to ensure that the entire metal trunking has reliable electrical connection and grounding.

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