Galvanised Cable Trunking Knowledge Sharing

Release time: 2022-11-24

The cable trunking is divided into galvanised cable trunking and stainless steel cable trunking according to the raw material. The cable trunking is divided into electrogalvanized cable trunking and hot-dip galvanized cable trunking according to the galvanising technology.

Galvanised Cable Trunking

1.Galvanised Cable Trunking Material
The Cable Trunking material needs to be able to provide a safe load for the weight of the cable trunking itself and the weight of the wires and cables laid inside. The mechanical strength of the cable trunking material can be obtained by selecting the thickness, shape and spacing of the support and hanger. When galvanised cable trunking sheet is used as the material of cable trunking frame, the galvanised sheet must pass the bending test of cable trunking plate.

Cable Trunking plate

2. Galvanising Technology
The boric acid in the electro-galvanizing electrolyte is used to stabilize the PH value of the plating solution and prevent the pH value from rising rapidly. When the boric acid content is too high, it is easy to cause the crystallization of the zinc liquid, and it is generally controlled at about 30g/L. After the electroplating of galvanized parts is completed, some follow-up processing work is required to enhance the protective performance and decorative properties of electro-galvanized parts. These processes include passivation, hot melting, sealing and hydrogen removal.

The production process of hot-dip galvanizing must be carried out under strict rules and regulations. Otherwise, due to improper operation procedures, such as the pretreatment work not done well, the molten zinc will not be able to react with the steel matrix normally, and the production of perfect galvanized Epithelial tissue. The control principle of aluminum content in hot-dip galvanizing zinc solution, in the hot-dip galvanizing of fasteners, the aluminum content is usually 0.005%-0.02%, and the best content recommended by European countries is 0.002%-0.007%.

3. Cable Trunking Installation
Before the installation of the Cable Trunking frame, on-site measurement shall be carried out according to the electrical construction drawings provided by the project party, and standard products and factory-made parts shall be used as far as possible. The trays and ladders installed on the cable trunking should be reasonably segmented to avoid spanning walls or building holes at the connection between the two sections. The cable trunking installation process includes planning and arrangement, cable trunking material inspection, support and hanger selection and processing, opening reservation, elastic wire positioning, horizontal cable trunking installation, vertical cable trunking installation, outdoor cable trunking installation and cable trunking and cabinet, equipment connection, cable trunking grounding, tray compensation and tray marking.

metal cable trunking

The above is our knowledge sharing about galvanised cable trunking. If you have any questions about the relevant knowledge, you can contact our sales specialist at any time.

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