Machine Guarding

● Intelligent safety protection expert(Partitioning solution / Machine
guarding solution / Access management sulotion / Cable management
solution / Impact protection solution)

● The dtafter of national standards


Member of national machinery safety standardization technical committee.
The drafter national standard of "mechanical safety, fence protection systems, safety requirements".
The drafter national standard of "a fixture close to a machine part 1-4".
The drafter group standard of "welded wire mesh safety guardrail" .
Name: Intelligent swiping mechanical lock
Model :KKCK-AIML-001A

Description :An intelligent mechanical lock that can be controlled by Bluetooth, swiping card or password.
Feature: "1. High efficiency wireless power supply 2. Support NFC/BLE  3. Modular minimalist design support maintenance and expansion 4. Platform-based data management for live authorization and synchronization operations."

Name: Intelligent bluetooth module with power supply

Description: A Bluetooth module with power supply, which can be replaced and upgraded on the lock cylinder of European standard, and finally realize the switch of the lock by bluetooth.
Feature: "1. High efficiency wireless power supply 2. Support NFC/BLE 3. Modular minimalist design good for maintenance and expansion 4. European standard lock cylinder can intelligent upgrade rapidly"

Name: Intelligent password module
Description: A password module, which can add the password function on the basis of the intelligent lock or intelligent module, and finally realize the switch of the lock.
Feature: "1. Easy to use and set. 2. Support connection with variety of intelligent locks and smart modules 3. Modular minimalist design good for maintenance and expansion"
Name: Intelligent Hotspot module
Description:"The network encoder can connect intelligent lock-control devices,  fully support RFID cards, passwords, remote updating, authorization and backend management . Besides,it can authorize the phone to open the door.
Feature :"1. Can conveniently complete the setup and installation, collect records, view and maintain the daily status through the mobile phone. 2. Support the key authority management online, and monitoring the opening and closing records."
Name: Key management box
Description: Key management box for key rights management, support face recognition
Feature: "1. Daily key access management. 2. Easy to use, fast face recognition. 3. Three levels of management rights can be defined: administrator, operator and user. "
Name: Electronic authority key
Description: Electronic key for access management
Feature: "1. One charge can normally use for more than half a year. 2. The user can edit authority and upload lock opening data."
Name: Key reader
Description: Encode the authority of each electronic key by connecting cloud platform
Feature: "1. Enable fast read and write permissions. 2. Data can be uploaded."
Name: Intelligent padlock without power (Type A)
Description: A padlock without power, which can be unlocked by electronic key.
Feature :"1. No power supply, 304 stainless steel 2. Long service life, easy to open the lock."
Name: Intelligent lock cylinder without power

Description: Intelligent lock cylinder with micro electric device, electronic key can be energized to unlock.
Feature :"1. Can replace the standard traditional lock cylinder 2. Powered by electronic key, long durability."

Name:Face Recognition System

Description: Support face recognition,could manage the authority through cloud or USB
Feature :High accuracy and fast recognition

Name:Magnetic Combination Lock(Type A)

Description: A magnetic lock for access control system.
Feature :Support card swiping and password, can connect to the access control system

Name Type
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