• How to Choose Safety Protective Devices
    In the field of industrial safety protection, there are a variety of protective devices to choose from. Protective devices are also divided into various types, such as fixed guards, movable guards, adjustable guards, and interlocking guards. But according to the different applied scenarios, how to choose the targeted different types of devices? The following can provide you with the main idea about safety fence categories and application scenarios.
  • Advantages of Wire Mesh Type Cable Tray
    Wire mesh type cable tray has gained immense popularity in various industries due to its numerous advantages and versatility in cable management. It has performed in a wide variety of applications. eg.: It’s extensively used in data centers and IT facilities to manage the complex network of cable; Besides, it’s ideal for heavy-duty applications, such as manufacturing plants and warehouses, where cables need to withstand harsh conditions and support heavy loads.
  • New Product Release! — Fast-connected Safety Fence
    As for now, with the improving awareness of safety protection and energy-saving, the demands of safety requirement become greater and higher, positioned as the intelligent safety expert, Vichnet are always insisting on innovation, quick response, production upgradation. Especial on production, we are really juanable, we developed the new fast-connected safety fence this time, the below is the comparison between the old and new safety safety fence.
  • How Does ChatGPT4.0 View Industrial Safety Protection?
    Recently, ChatGPT is so hot on lots of platforms, it is a robotic chatting program developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. Just in a few months, ChatGPT just has prevailed globally.
  • What Keeps the Cable Tray Straight Together
    Cable tray is different from the general tray, is a new variety of this year, has the advantages of simple structure, elegant appearance, convenient installation and so on. The concept of cable traywas proposed by Europeans and began to be used first. After 2004, it was gradually introduced into China. The first customers used were mostly the Chinese branches of foreign large enterprises. The most famous foreign brand is France's CABLOFIL, there are several in China, among which Ningbo Vichnet has done earlier, straight type cable tray has a certain popularity.
  • Which Test Should Cable Trays Go Through? How to Detect It?
    When the whole project is completed, and the cable tray is already delivered, if there is a problem with the product itself, it may lead to corrosion situation in just a few years or even a few months, thus the property loss caused by the replacement is much higher than the product itself.