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Activity Department

After a long period of observation found that our colleagues in Vichnet love to send WeChat friendcirclese, not because we are born with a higher desire to share. In this regard, specially interviewed some of us, and the response was "because there are a lot of activities, each of which is worth sharing"and "because I will be envied by a lot of people every time I share".

The activities department in Vichent organizes more than a dozen activities every year. There are seven consecutive Running Man activities, there are six consecutive Seasons of Warm Winter Public Welfare activities, as well as New Year's activities, Spring activities, outdoor camping, Beer and Lobster Festival ......

People will get more familiar with each other and enhance their relationship in the process of playing, and will also see the charm of teamwork and team competition in some games.

Weekly Duty Department

The weekly manager is often by the company's newcomers to serve, with the company's development and growth, coworkers continue to join Vichnet, weekly manager post is not only to help newcomers into the company's culture of an important channel, but also newcomers to show the spirit of ownership of the platform. One person's weekly system also makes the weekly culture of freshness constantly. For the company's other employees, weekly activities is full of ceremonial sense of joining the commemoration, and birthday blessing. What's more, afternoon tea, courier delivery, Chinese traditional festival surprises, and other services all can make everyone feel the company's care and sense of well-being enhancement.

Vichnet Clubs Department

Vichnet clubs department is similar to the university clubs, the purpose is to increase the interaction between colleagues, as well as to allow everyone to find like-minded people according to their own interests.

However, it is different from the traditional clubs in the university, which require employees to propose their own interest clubs and organize their own group members with the same hobby to form a club, after the successful establishment of the club, the company will give a certain amount of funds for the activities according to the number of people in the club.

In 2023, music clubs, mountain climbing clubs, badminton clubs, basketball clubs, e-sports clubs, etc. have been established. Many wonderful memories have been created in the activities of the clubs.

Vichnet Business School

Our CEO was once a university professor, so our company pays more attention to the growth of employees. In order to encourage all colleagues to create a learning organization, the company in addition to establishing the business school, also hired the relevant experts to teach, bought the JianFeng training courses, and arranged for employees to go out to study, internal lecturer system. Our CEO Mr. Yu said: "Vichnet Business School's goal is to eventually realize the independent operation and undertake external company training." Although we have just started, I believe that one day, Vichnet Business School will also be like Vichent participation in the development of national standards of safety fences, letting a person feel incredible but fully understood.

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