New Product Release! — Fast-connected Safety Fence

As for now, with the improving awareness of safety protection and energy-saving, the demands of safety requirement become greater and higher, positioned as the intelligent safety expert, Vichnet are always insisting on innovation, quick response, production upgradation. Especial on production, we are really juanable, we developed the new fast-connected safety fence this time, the below is the comparison between the old and new safety safety fence.

As for our new product: the hole of the column was pre-equipped, and the side of the panel was also per-installed with bolts, in the installation process, you just need to buckle them on, and then tighten the screws. The product adopts the new instruction to achieve the module installation without any unnecessary accessories.

Advantages of the new product:

1.Time-saving: it saves 70% time compared with the traditional safety fence.

2.Labor-saving: it only needs one person to install the safety fence while the traditional one needs at least 2 or 3 people. 

3.Clear outlook: the safety fence could be directly fast-connected, which allows clear space without gaps between column and panel.

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