• Which Test Should Cable Trays Go Through? How to Detect It?
    When the whole project is completed, and the cable tray is already delivered, if there is a problem with the product itself, it may lead to corrosion situation in just a few years or even a few months, thus the property loss caused by the replacement is much higher than the product itself.
  • We Made Caring Donations
    On a fresh winter morning, we check the temperature, put on warm clothes, turn on the heater, and make ourselves hot coffee... All these little easy things we do put us in a cozy environment, however, we never take it for granted, and some actions we take to make us feel safer are not easy for others.
  • Impact and Pedestrian Barriers – Reasons and Standards
    At present, many safety barrier designs on the market do not really meet the safety requirements of the on-site working environment, and there have been no official work environment safety barrier norms or standards, because of the lack of on-site safety
  • New Product Release: Self-buckling Cable Tray
    With the great development of big data center and the increasing energy consumption on server rooms, besides improving the quality of devices for data center, we should also establish innovative and environmentally friendly server rooms.
  • How to Choose Appropriate Standards for Your Safety Fence
    You may feel confused when you choose the proper safety fence since there are a lot of standards that represent so many different fences and accessories. You don’t know which one is applicable in specific zones. However, general standards are always the basic ones for most safety products. EN ISO 12100 and EN ISO 14120 are the typical and authorized standards for reference.
  • Customer Case—Ningbo Vichnet X Zhejiang Gold Intelligent Suspension
    What is the process from identifying the customers’ needs to having the installed safety fence in place and ready for use? Our sales engineer at Vichnet described his experience.